Results - Yulgilbar Annual Production Sale 2023


Friday September 1st, 2023
75 bulls offered and 57 sold for a 76% clearance – Grossing $559,000 – Average $9,807
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The 2023 Yulgilbar Santa Gertrudis Production Sale was held on September 1st.

A turnout of over 100 passionate individuals graced the sale, demonstrating the strong and diverse interest in Yulgilbar cattle. Furthermore, 55 participants registered through AuctionsPlus.

A total of 75 top-tier Santa Gertrudis bulls were presented for sale, with 57 bulls finding new homes, resulting in a 76% clearance rate. The sale achieved a total gross of $559,000.00, with an average price of $9,807.00 per bull.

The pinnacle of the sale was undoubtedly Lot 3, Yulgilbar Springsteen S032 (PP), which commanded substantial interest and was acquired by the Atkinson Family Trust, “Cardona” Blackwater, for $80,000.00. Following closely in terms of value, Lot 4, Yulgilbar Signature S56 (P), found a new home with the Dennis Family of “Elgin Downs” Clermont, with a final sale price of $21,000.00.

This sale may be aptly described as a challenging, yet competitive, reflecting the strength of the market and the caliber of cattle on offer.

We extend our appreciation to the agents, George & Fuhrmann, who contributed to the success of this sale.
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