Santa Gertrudis BREEDPLAN

BREEDPLAN is an internationally recognised genetic evaluation system for beef cattle.

Developed in Australia, it is now used in ten of the worlds prominent beef producing countries.

EBVs and Selection Index Explained
– Find out what each EBV means plus view the trait weightings that make up the breed`s selection index.

EBV Enquiry and Current Breed Average EBVs
Search the Santa Gertrudis database for animals fitting particular EBV criteria plus view the current breed average EBVs.

More Information

Agricultural Business Research Institute (ABRI) Extension Services.

BREEDPLAN – Introducing ABRI Extension Services (

Contact ABRI for technical advice and assistance regarding BREEDPLAN. ABRI Officers can visit on farm where applicable and also run a series of workshops regarding genetic technologies.

The ABRI website provides up to date technical and event information as well as providing links to the Tropical breed`s databases. More information on BREEDPLAN including Tip Sheets and technical documents is also available.


For enrolment and performance submission enquires please contact the BREEDPLAN office.


The Santa Gertrudis Breeders Association and the National Beef Recording Scheme (NBRS) have developed the integrated pedigree and performance recording system – Santa Gertrudis GROUP BREEDPLAN.

Santa Gertrudis breeders can record the performance of animals in their herd for important growth, fertility and carcase traits. This information is recorded with the animals` pedigree details. BREEDPLAN then combines the pedigree and performance information to estimate the breeding potential or genetic merit of each animal in the herd for these performance traits. The breeding potential of each animal is reported as an Estimated Breeding Value (or EBV) for each trait.

BREEDPLAN is designed to be used as a management aid to help cattle breeders improve the genetic merit and profitability of their herds. It concentrates on those traits of real commercial importance that can be improved by selection and aims to provide breeders with measures that rank animals within the breed in order of merit for those traits.

The Santa Gertrudis GROUP BREEDPLAN Analysis

In May each year all of the performance data that has been recorded on Santa Gertrudis in Australia is analysed and updated EBVs are calculated for all animals on the Santa Gertrudis file.

The traits currently analysed are:

Milking AbilityDays to CalvingCarcase Weight
Birth WeightScrotal SizeEye Muscle Area
200 Day GrowthRib and Rump Fat Depth
400 Day WeightRetail Beef Yield %
600 Day Weight
Mature Cow Weight
*Not yet evaluated in Santa Gertrudis BREEDPLAN

A Sire Summary is then published which lists EBVs for many of the widely used Santa Gertrudis sires in Australia. In addition, the EBVs are made available via the Association`s Internet Solutions enquiry service – access from the Association`s home page.

GROUP Herd Reports
Following the running of the Santa Gertrudis GROUP BREEDPLAN analysis, a herd report is sent to all members of Santa Gertrudis BREEDPLAN who have submitted weights during the previous year. It includes EBVs for all calves (born in recent years) that have been performance recorded in your herd and their sires and dams.

It also provides genetic trend tables for the breed and for the individual herd. The trend tables enable the breeder to compare the current genetic level of his herd with the breed average for each trait. A percentile band table is also provided. This report allows the breeder to identify the relative ranking of animals within the breed.