Grading Up Process

Improve Your Commercial Herd

Grading-up to purebred Santa Gertrudis cattle is a breeding program that has many advantages for the commercial cattleman.

The program is simply the use of classified Santa Gertrudis bulls on cows of any breed or combination of breeds and keeping the female offspring from four successive top crosses – eventually resulting in the production of an animal eligible to be presented for classification as a purebred Santa Gertrudis.

By doing this a breeder can operate his herd as a commercial cattle unit, sell his crossbred steer calves as he has done in the past and add Santa Gertrudis blood to his heifers at the same time.

When you start the grading-up program it will be most useful and helpful to contact a purebred breeder in your area or the Association`s official Field Director to advise you of the rules governing the program. You may obtain the necessary forms, etc., from the SGB(A)A.

The grading-up program ensures the commercial cattleman of a heavy calf at weaning, plus the advantage of building a herd of purebred cattle without having to buy purebred females.

A wide selection of classified purebred bulls is available from Santa Gertrudis breeders throughout Australia. Why not let an established breeder help get you started in a grading-up program?