Promotional Groups

Promotional Groups are active in all parts of Australia and they give a significant back up to the staff of the Association as well as promoting Santa Gertrudis at local levels. Many groups have attended Field Days, Expos, Seminars, Sales and Feature Shows throughout the year promoting Santa Gertrudis at these events.

A State by State summary of these Groups is listed below:

New South Wales

Summerland Breeder's Group, Casino

Chairman:Terry Serone
Vice Chairman:Ian Clarke
Secretary /Treasurer:Joe Falls
Publicity Officer:Joe Falls
Activities:Summerland Sale, Casino Beef Week, Primex, National SG Youth Camp, Casino Bos Indicus Youth Group, Local Shows.


The Big S Group, Toowoomba

Chairman: John McCarthy
Publicity Officer: Alison Mackay
Activities: Big S Sale, Farmfest.

Brisbane Valley Group, Toogoolawah

Chairman:Russell Gray
Vice Chairman:Scott Humphreys
Secretary /Treasurer:Glen Yeates
Activities:Brisbane Valley Sale.

Heartland Breeder's Group, Roma

Chairman:Brendan Harrison
Secretary:Karen Mayes
Treasurer:Rosie Drynan
Publicity Officers:Kathleen Franz & Abbey Franz
Activities:Heartland Sale.

South West Queensland Santa Gertrudis Sale Group

Chairman/Sale Manager:Murray Smith
Vice Chairman:Andrew Doering
Secretary /Treasurer:Susan Michell
Publicity Officers:Tim Turvey, Mary Turvey, Angela Doering

Wandoan Santa Gertrudis Bull Sale Group

Chairman:Jamie Becker
Secretary/Treasurer:Carly Baker
Publicity Officer:Ally Becker
Activities:Wandoan Sale

Western Downs Santa Group

Chairman:Felicity Shaw
Sales Director:Ross Wilson
Secretary:Kylie Bruggemann
Treasurer:Louisa Wilson
Publicity Officer:Felicity Shaw
Activities:Western Downs Sale

South Australia

South Australia Breeders’ Association

Chairman:Michael Doering
Vice Chairman:Heath Tiller
Secretary:Mandy Lintern
Treasurer:Paul Doering
Activities:Royal Adelaide Show, SA Junior Heifer Expo, Beef Field Days.

Western Australia

Western Australian Cattlemen’s Association

Chairman: Glenn Hasleby
Vice Chairman: Stephen Gentle
Secretary/Treasurer: Donna Gentle
Publicity Officer: Wendy Gould
Activities: Biara Annual Sale,
WA Cattlemen’s Association Field Day.