Results - 2023 Gyranda Sale


Saturday September 16th, 2023
97 bulls were offered and 93 sold for 98% clearance – Grossing $914,000 – Average $9,828
Average Price:

Full Results

The Annual Gyranda Sale was held on September 16.

A substantial offering of 95 bulls were presented, and a 98% clearance rate was achieved, with 93 bulls quickly finding new homes.

The sale generated a gross of $914,000.00, with an average price of $9,828.00 per bull.

The top price of $28,000.00 was achieved not once, not twice, but three times. Lot 10 Gyranda Tequila T672 (P) found its new owner in Macarthur Holdings (Normanby Santa Gertrudis), Lot 23 Gyranda Trendsetter T494 (P) was acquired by Dangarfield Santa Gertrudis, and Lot 71 Gyranda T600 (P) was purchased by Red Mile Santas.

The second top-priced bull, Lot 22, Gyranda Thorfinn T198 was sold for $23,000.00 and was secured by S & J Hamilton.

The Gyranda Sale witnessed strong interest, with 53 bid cards in action.
Top Price:
Second Top Price: