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Stud 2054 – Myola Stud (managed by Graeme and Beth Smith) commenced in 2008 at Gowrie, just west of Toowoomba. The farm had been home to a dairy farm since the mid 1860’s. The Santa herd which currently numbers 50 breeders plus replacement heifers was established with cows from 17 well known studs , including Santalands, Yarrawonga, Rosevale, Gralyn and Raytek. This has given a very wide genetic base to the stud. Sires have included bulls from Narganoo, Drensmaine, Warrillee, Macaire, Rockingham, Yarrawonga and Santalands studs.

Offspring are culled heavily for type and temperament. Classified heifers are retained in the herd. Weaner bulls have been sold on to other studs or alternately sold as steers to commercial growers and feedlots at the Toowoomba cattle sales.

All cattle are grass fed only on native grasses or tropical grass pastures .

Vetch and barrel medics have also been included in the pasture improvement program.

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