Stud 1437 – Munnabah Santa Gertrudis was founded in 1987 by Harry and Jill Powell.
In 2012 as part of succession planning Munnabah Santa Gertrudis was bought by Tom and Anna Dunlop with the foundation of 90 registered females from the already formed genetic pool of Warenda, Watasanta and Waco.
From here is where Tom has built the herd that it is today using our Munnabah genetics and adding genetics from Glenn Oaks, Dunlop Santa Gertrudis, Yarrawonga, Wave Hill, Yulgilbar, and most recently Cardona and Waco.
A recent and significant component of the breeding plan was the Purchase of Glenn Oaks Palo at the 2020 Santa Central sale, in partnership with Howard and Kate courts, Glenalbyn, where we are continuing to strive and work toward a well-muscled and sound structured animal.
With the emphasis in the areas of weight gain, fertility, temperament, neat sheath, bone and polled genes, thus forming a good representation of what the breed can do supported by a large genetic makeup that will perform in a variety of markets. Whether it is into the stud, commercial or cross-breeding operations Munnabah genetics has been performing over many years.

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