Stud No 1223 – Denngal Santa Gertrudis Stud is located on “Wilga Downs”, “The Pines” and more recently ” Whispering Pines” at Jemalong, situated 40kms west of Forbes in the heart of the Lachlan Valley, proudly owned and operated by Dennis Moxey, his son Greg and their wives and families.

In 1982 the Denngal stud was formed with the discovery of how versatile the Santa breed is and the ability to meet all market requirements. Being involved in showing cattle is an integral part of our business promotion, especially as we are located in a British breed dominated area.

We have always placed utmost importance on temperament, carcass and the ability to visually assess live cattle. This has shaped the Denngal Santa Stud, producing bulls with high muscle definition that consistently pass their characteristics on to their progeny. High yield and early maturity has resulted in numerous bull sales to local commercial breeders to use over their British breeds, based on the knowledge that they will increase their muscle score and have a calf that finishes at any age. Hence our Motto:

“Muscle makes Money”.

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