Results - Dunlop Santa Sire Sale 2021


Saturday September 4th, 2021
104 bulls sold, grossing $1,949,500. 100% clearance
Average Price:

Full Results

104 bulls sold, grossing $1,949,500 to average $18,745. 100% clearance.
Top Price:
Lot 2 Dunlop Vortex R56, sold for $57, 500 to the Knudsen Family Chinchilla.
Second Top Price:
Equal second price were Lot 3, Dunlop Valentino R582 (PS), selling for $50,000 to Waco SG Stud, and Lot 11, Dunlop Venture R238 (P) also selling for $50,000, to Bull Creek SG Stud.

Strong sale from start to finish.

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