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Stud 2086 – Wilson, Amanda and their six young children established the Wilamba Santa Gertrudis Stud No. 2086 in May of 2011.

Currently we are working in unison with Maurice and Margaret Barlow, Yarrabee Stud, Dingo. In June of 2020 we purchased Argyle, Jambin as the new home of the Wilamba prefix. Argyle with its irrigation is ideally suited as a bull preparation block.

In 2021 we expanded further with the purchase of a breeder block just outside of Biloela in the Prospect Creek area and it is now named as our Wilamba block.

The Wilamba prefix is now currently running 130 stud breeders and will further expand in the coming years. All breeders were born and raised at the Yarrabee stud and our stud has benefitted greatly from this quality genetic pool. Wilamba stud is committed to further producing quality seedstock for stud and commercial operations. Inspections are most welcome to our properties at any time.

Email:  weatb@bigpond.com

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