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Stud 2175 – Waterloo stud is a small stud that was founded by Georgia Kirkby and registered in 2021 located west of Bellata on Koiwon. Kirkby’s have had a long history with the Santa Gertrudis breed going back 50 years, with both purebreds and in crossbred breeding programs alike. Koiwon Enterprises has always bought classified and polled santa bulls using them in the commercial herd. The Waterloo stud herd foundation has been built with Koiwon’s commercial cows, Swan Hill cows and a small group of cows bought from Phillip Kirkby.

Waterloo’s two main goals are temperament and calving ease. Value is placed on temperament, quiet cattle are easier to work with and I want my cattle to be able to be handled in any operation whether that is a family with young kids, older people or employees. I understand that calving time can be a stressful period and so I expect Waterloo cattle to make calving time easy, heifers are expected to calve as two year olds and raise heavy calves and bulls are expected to produce smaller calves that grow rapidly. I believe that we breed cattle that will fit into any environment or program. Waterloo is excited for future changes and improvements.

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