Artwork at the Santa Gertrudis Youth Camp

2021 Youth Camp Auction Results

Thank you to Zoetis and Darby Humphreys for their generous donations and the students for their artwork.

This auction raises funds to cover costs associated with the camp and keep entry fees at a minimum for students.

Item for AuctionDonated bySold PricePurchased by
Lot 1 – Group A ArtworkDesigned by Youth Camp Students$200Dennis Moxey
Lot 2 – Group B ArtworkDesigned by Youth Camp Students$200Liz Allen
Lot 3 – Group C ArtworkDesigned by Youth Camp Students$550Renee Mulcahy
Lot 4 – Group D ArtworkDesigned by Youth Camp Students$300Dennis Moxey
Lot 5 – Group E ArtworkDesigned by Youth Camp Students$600Dennis Moxey
Lot 6 – Group F ArtworkDesigned by Youth Camp Students$200Renee Mulcahy
Lot 7 – Wireless Full HD 1080P Cellular Camera + Solar Panel KitZoetis$250Scott Humphreys
Lot 8 – Dectomax – Injectable EndectocideZoetis$200Scott Dunlop
Lot 9 – Dectomax – Injectable EndectocideZoetis$200Stephen Maher
Lot 10 – Kincrome Kickstart 11 – 2 in 1 Batteryless Jump Starter/ChargerZoetis$250Riley Dunlop
Lot 11 – Stainless Steel Horseshoe Hat RackDarby Humphreys$250Kym McMaster


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