The Santa Gertrudis Standard of Excellence is measured under 4 categories

  • Breed character
  • Functional efficiency
  • Conformation
  • Colour

Individual animals may be rejected when presented for classification due to an absence of "Desirable" characteristics and shall be rejected for manifestations of "Undesirable" characteristics considered to be extreme or for hereditary or non-hereditary deformities and/or abnormalities and/or objectionable characteristics, examples of which (not intended to be exclusive) are set out in the "Disqualification" column below. Print Chart PDF


Showing true Santa Gertrudis type Lacking Santa Gertrudis type
1. Fertility Longevity

Cows - feminine, regular calving Bulls - masculine, virile, high libido
Irregular calving

Cows - lacking femininity Bulls lacking masculinity
Hernia, malformed genitalia. Abnormal reproductive organs.
2. Sheath & Navel Retracted prepuce, small orifice, flat medium sized navel flap.

Less than 45 degree angle from the horizontal.
Loose, parietal prepuce. Large navel flap.

Open Orifice.
Bulls with sheaths extending below the H to K line (the imaginary line between the break in the rear (lower) Hock and the break in the Knee). Non-retractable prepuce. Abnormal or excessive sheath and/or navel structure.
3. Testicles Adequate size. Good conformation and tone. Too small or too large. Pendulous. Tied.

Permanently retracted. Unsatisfactory conformation and/or tone.
4. Udder & Teats Well attached, balanced. Fine teats of moderate length. Meaty and/or loosely attached udder. Large teats. Large supernumerary teats. Very large or bottle teats.
Excessive udder.
5. Disposition Alert, easily managed. Nervous Extremely nervous and/or aggressive
6. Size Well grown for age, fast gaining. Lacking growth or weight for age.
7. Hair (dependent on environment) Short. straight, slick coat. Excessive curly or coarse hair.
8. Hide Loose, vascular, moveable. Tight, thick.
Excessive skin folds.

9. Legs Squarely set, sound joints.
Bow legged. Post legged. Calf kneed. Straight hind pasterns that don`t flex. Straight and/or Sickle hocked. Cow hocked. Low pasterns.
10. Feet and Hoofs Even claws, solid dark pigment. pigment. Turned out. Pigeon toed. Uneven claws.

Light or multi-coloured pigmentation. Low heels.

1. General Form or Type Symmetrical, balanced, thick, long and deep bodied, well sprung ribs, muscular.

Good bone, strong legs with free movement; males thicker and well muscled; females refined in forequarter
Flat sided, coarse and rough. Light boned.

Lack of free movement.

2. Head Showing masculinity or femininity according to sex; broad, slightly convex forehead, straight profile. Long and narrow, dish face.

a. Horns Horned or Polled

b. Ears Medium to large size, slightly drooping, open forward. Small upward pointing. Vestigial ears.
c. Eyes Clear, moderately hooded, strongly pigmented. Recessed. prominent. Fat polyps. Entropian
d. Muzzle Broad and large Narrow, smutty nose Wry nose
Black - Overshot or undershot jaw
3. Neck Smooth attachment Good extension U neck, very short
4. Shoulder Free moving, smooth and well-muscled. Bulls - thick, well defined, heavy muscling. Cows - smooth, with moderate muscling. Open or prominent.
Straight, high

5. Brisket Moderately broad Excessive fat, downward sloping. Narrow
6. Heart Girth Deep, broad, full. Pinched
7. Back Broad, strong Sway back Roach back. Fish back.
8. Loin Broad, full Narrow, weak
9. Ribs Well sprung Flat sided
10. Hips Broad, somewhat rounded on top Prominent
11. Rump Long, broad, moderate slope - hip to pin - Square. High sacral bone. Recessed tail insertion. Short, narrow, droopy
12. Tail Smooth insertion, good switch, thick and long. Short, thin. Tail deformities eg. wry.
13. Hind Quarters Broad, muscular, wide between pins. Bulls - thick and well muscled Cows - deep with moderate muscling. Narrow, high twist. Double muscling.
1. Coat Solid Santa Gertrudis Red
(Light or dark)
Occasional white hairs falling short of roan condition.

Dilution, light or dark spots in other areas.

Very light red. Blackish red. Birth marks.
White spots out of underline. White underline exceeding 25%

Fawn or cream colour. Brindling or roan condition. Black hair.
2. Skin Red pigmentation Some black Solid black